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Requirements & Useful Infomation

At Singh Tutt Notary Public we have extensive experience in drafting and notarising Change of Appearance affidavits.  Here in the United Kingdom, we serve the Indian Community at a national and local level.  We can prepare a Change of Appearance Affidavit  to meet Indian Government/High Commission/Consulate requirements.  We shall endeavour to deal with your matter as efficiently as possible and we are more than aware that you will often be under time constraints and may need to get your papers notarised as a matter of urgency. 

We have listed below the most common scenarios for your ready information.  This list is not exhaustive.  Please click here to contact us for more information.

It may be the case that........


  • Your recent Indian passport showed a passport photograph of you which was taken when you       were (1) Much younger, or (2) a Child/Minor (Baby) 


  • Your appearance has change since the issue of your most recent Indian passport.


  • Your new appearance has a beard and turban, and in your most recent Indian passport your           appearance was without a beard and/or turban

  • Your new appearance is without a beard and turban, and in your most recent Indian passport         your appearance was with a beard and/or turban


  • ​Your child's recent Indian passport showed a passport photograph which was taken when they were a Baby/Child/Minor and their appearance has Changed - and your child is still a young minor.

(Both parents must sign this affidavit for change of appearance on behalf of a child who is a minor.  If for some reason one parent is not present for whatever reason, this must be explained).


​We can also notarise a Change of Appearance already made, however, we must make sure sure that the document is fit for purpose and notarisation. In our experience, we find that common amendments are making sure details such as names, addresses, descriptions, layout, grammar and formatting are correct.  We must also make sure that photographs being used in the change of appearance affidavit are of the required type, size and format of Indian authorities.  


You can also email your prepared Change of Appearance Affidavit for us to view at  Click here for full contact details.

You must contact us and arrange an appointment so that we can attend upon you and take your instructions in person.  We cannot take instructions through a third party.


If your have mobility or health issues, we can visit you to attend upon you, take instructions and if required, draft and notarise a Statutory Declaration.  We can visit your home, at hospital or, care homes.  

The person signing the Change of Appearance Affidavit shall need the following forms of identification and items:


  • A Valid passport and the most recent Indian passport

(In the event that you do not hold a valid passport, the notary public shall advise you accordingly)


  • A valid driving licence


  • 1 x Passport size photograph showing old appearance and 1 x Passport size photograph showing new appearance


  • One proof of postal address which is no more than three months old.  You can use either of the following:  


  • A utility bill

  • A bank statement


  • A letter received in the post from either a Doctor, Hospital or any other person or               organisation.

Note that ID and additional requirements depend on the type of document you require and its purpose.  Please click here to contact us to find our more.

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