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Making a Will for India

It must be notarised by a Notary Public.


Need for a Will for India

  • Are you an Indian National living outside India?  


  • Are you an Indian National, Non Resident Indian (NRI) or of Indian origin living outside India?


  • Do you have either land, property, money, bank accounts and other assets in India which you wish to leave to the people you love after you pass away?


If so, we can assist you in the preparation of your Will which is required to be notarised for India. ​

  • If one does not make a Will then his/her property will be inherited by legal heirs in accordance with the laws of inheritance applicable to him/her in India.


  • Furthermore, parties who you did not intend to benefit could benefit if no Will was made.  


  • Most people would like to dispose of their Estate according to their own true wishes.


  • A Will allows the devolution of the  property in the way you wish your assets to be disposed/bequeathed.  Many disputes can be resolved at the very outset if there is a clear disposition of one’s property in a Will.

  • When a person dies without having made a Will, there is often confusion amongst family members and relatives as to whether the deceased did make any Will prior to their death or not, but if a Will is available, then there is certainty of disposal of the assets comprised in the Estate.  

If you require assistance in preparation of a Will, please click here to contact us.

Forms of Valid Proofs of Identification ID

In order to draft your Will for India we shall require forms of valid ID.  

  • A Valid Passport  (If you do not have a valid passport, then the notary shall advise you accordingly)

  • Or  valid UK Photo car driving licence  

  • One proof of postal address which is no more than three months old.  You can use either of    the following:  


  • A utility bill


  • A bank statement

Legalisation of Your Will

  • After your Will has been executed, witnessed and notarised, it should be legalised at your nearest Indian High Commission (Indian Consulate).  The Indian authorities may require you to attend in person.   

  • Alternatively, if you have mobility or health issues or it is inconvenient for you to legalise the Will at an Indian High Commission, Singh Tutt Notary Public can legalise your Will at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in Milton Keynes, through our postal service.  Please click here for more information.

  • If your have mobility or health issues, we can visit you to attend upon you, take instructions and if required, to draft and notarise a Will for India.  We can visit your home, at hospitals and care homes.

  • Once the formalities of the Will are completed, you have the option of keeping the Will safely or to have it registered in India.  We can assist you with registration of the Will in India.  Please click here to contact us.

If there is no Will made 

  • Parties who you did not intend to benefit, could benefit.

  • If there is no Will the property will be dealt with as per the laws of inheritance in India.

As you will appreciate there are clear and distinct advantages in making a Will.  If you need assistance and and advise.  Please contact us by clicking here.

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