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A Power of Attorney grants another person power to do something on their behalf.  This is executed as a Deed.  A single person or a number of people can give power and appoint just one or a number of attorneys.  A Power of Attorney can give power to a person for e.g buying or selling an apartment or House in India.  Powers of Attorney executed in England and Wales are regulated by the Power of Attorney Act 1971.  It is very important that any Power of Attorney that is granted is prepared and executed in accordance with the clear instructions of the person or persons granting power.  We have substantial expertise in drafting and notarising Powers of Attorney for use in India.  Here in the United Kingdom, we serve the Indian Community at a national and local level. 

  • Are you an Indian National, an NRI (Non Resident Indian) living outside India?  

  • Are you of Indian origin and currently living outside of India?

  • Do you have either land, property, money, bank accounts and/or other assets in India you need to deal with?


If so, we can help and assist you.  You can set restrictions as to how much power your attorney is given, so that at all times you have the peace of mind  that your appointed attorney is acting on your behalf within your actual wishes and intentions.

We can also notarise a Power of Attorney already made, however, we must make sure sure that the document is fit for purpose and notarisation.  In our experience, we find that common amendments are making sure details such as names, addresses, descriptions, layout, grammar and formatting are correct.  To save time, you can also email us your already prepared Power of attorney at  You can email us your document in word, pdf, jpeg or other formats.  Click here for full contact details.

Our list of types of Power of Attorney which include all of the following is not exhaustive.  Please note that we can draft and notarise a Power of Attorney specific to a single specific purpose or a combination of matters.  We have listed below the most common types for your ready information.  

Please click here to contact us for more information. 

  • Power of Attorney to sell (solely or jointly owned) plot of land, house, property or other immoveable assets in India


  • Power of Attorney to sell (solely or jointly owned) agricultural land in India

  • Power of Attorney to rent, let, lease, mortgage, transfer or gift land, either property or assets in India

  • Power of Attorney to apply for, obtain and manage either a tubewell or electrical motor connection at agricultural land in India


  • Power of Attorney to manage and lookafter land or property (and Utilties) in India 


  • Power of Attorney to apply for and obtain a child's passport or visa for travel abroad.


  • Power of Attorney to receive rental income and depsosit into a bank account in India


  • Power of Attorney to operate to encash fixed deposits, renew fixed deposits or deal with your bank account in India. 

  • Power of Attorney to either disclaim, renounce, relinquish, claim, transfer or sell an inherited share in an Estate in India


  • Power of Attorney to handle legal affairs and court matters in India including any proceedings and cases to be filed, which  my be pending or proceeding.


  • Power of Attorney to sell, manage or purchase motor vehicles, machinery, equipment or any other items in India


  • Power of Attorney to manage, superintend, lookafter and protect your interests in relation to particular matters not listed above


Requirements & Useful Infomation

You must contact us and arrange an appointment so that we can attend upon you and take your instructions in person.  We cannot take instructions through a third party.


If your have mobility or health issues, we can visit you to attend upon you, take instructions and if required to draft and notarise a Power of Attorney.  We can visit your home, at hospitals or care homes.  


Each person appearing before the notary public to sign any document shall need the following forms of identification and items:

A Valid form of Photo ID, this can be either of the following:-

  • A valid passport

  • Two Passport sized photographs


Proof of postal address:


  • A utility bill

  • A bank statement


  • A letter received in the post from either a Doctor, Hospital or any other person or organisation.


  • The proof of postal address proof used as ID must be recent and no more than three months old.


After your Power of Attorney has been notarised, it shall require Legalisation by a High Commission (Consulate) of India so that that it can be used in India.

However, if you have mobility or health issues or it is inconvenient for you to legalise your document in person at your local Indian High Commission (Consulate), we can arrange and apply on your behalf for the Power of Attorney to be endorsed with an Apostille at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (as India is a signatory to the Hague Convention) through our postal service . 

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