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You may have family or friends in India whom would like to visit you. In our experience, we find that common scenarios and reasons to make a sponsorship declaration are as follows:

  • You may wish to sponsor relatives or friends, inviting them to visit the United Kingdom for a family visit, holiday or tourist/short visit.

  • You may wish to sponsor relatives or friends, inviting them to visit the United Kingdom to attend a religious ceremony or religious celebration which is taking place over a certain period of time. 


  • ​You may wish to sponsor family members or friends to attend and take part in celebrations, ie birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations after the birth of a child.

  • You may wish to sponsor relatives or friends, inviting them to attend a wedding, including the customary celebrations / proceedings prior to the wedding, the actual wedding ceremony and wedding celebrations thereafter.


  • You may wish to sponsor family or friends who need to attend to an ill friend or relative in the UK.


  • You may wish to sponsor family or friends who need to visit the UK to attend a funeral of a friend or member of their family.

There are two ways that you can sponsor:

  • A Single Sponsorship Declaration - This is from one person in the United Kingdom.

  • ​A joint sponsorship Declaration - This is from two or more people in  the United Kingdom.


Requirements & Useful Infomation

You must contact us and arrange an appointment so that we can attend upon you and take your instructions in person.  We cannot take instructions through a third party.


If your have mobility or health issues, we can visit you to attend upon you, take instructions and if required, draft and notarise a Sponsorship Declaration.  We can visit your home, at hospitals and care homes. 


Each person appearing before the notary public to sign a Sponsorship Declaration  shall need the following forms of identification and items:


  • A Valid Passport 

  • OR A Valid Photo card Driving Licence

  • And one proof of postal address which is no more than three months old.  You can use either of the following:  


  • A utility bill

  • A bank statement


  • A letter received in the post from either a Doctor, Hospital or any other person or organisation.

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