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You may have friends or family in India whom would like to visit you.  Your friends or family in India may be applying for a visa to visit you in the United Kingdom. We can assist you in making a Declaration of Accommodation.  In this document you shall declare that you have accommodation and facilities to provide for the person you are sponsoring.  

There are two ways that you can declare your accommodation and facilities:

  • A Single Declaration of Accommodation - This is declared by one person in the United Kingdom.

  • A Joint Declaration of Accommodation - This is declared by two or more people in  the United Kingdom.


Requirements & Useful Infomation

You must contact us and arrange an appointment so that we can attend upon you and take your instructions in person.  We cannot take instructions through a third party.


If your have mobility or health issues, we can visit you to attend upon you, take instructions and if required, draft and notarise a Declaration of Accommodation.  We can visit your home, at hospitals and care homes.   


Each person appearing before the notary public to make a Declaration of Accommodation shall need the following forms of identification and items:


  • A Valid Passport 


  • A Valid Photo card Driving Licence

  • One proof of postal address which is no more than three months old.  You can use either of the following:  


  • A utility bill

  • A bank statement


  • A letter received in the post from either a Doctor, Hospital or any other person or organisation.

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