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Providing Professional Notarial Services

My Fees


My professional charges are based upon the complexity, time and work involved in each matter, including the number of notarial acts required of me. Documents in a foreign language may have to be properly translated into English by a qualified translator/interpreter at an additional cost.  This cost will be confirmed to you before any work is done.  It may be noted that in addition to English, I am also conversant in the Punjabi and Hindi languages.

Before I can give an estimate of my fees, I shall require to see the documents and obtain details about the nature of the service required.

My fees are based upon the following:-

  1. Which country is the document to go to?

  2. What type of document is it? (Affidavit, Power of Attorney, Deed, Declaration, Sponsorship for visa purposes, Letter of Authority etc.)

  3. How many documents are there?

  4. How many people are signing the document/s?

  5. Is the document already prepared or does it need to be drafted?

  6. Are the documents for individual use or for a company?

Payment is due when the documents are signed. I accept payments by card or by online transfer.  In the case of online transfer, any documents will be released upon confirmation that the online payment/s is received.  I am not able to accept payment by cheques.


My current charges are at the rate of £280.00 per hour (excluding VAT where applicable and disbursements).  Any disbursements shall be confirmed to you prior to any work being done.  If work has already started and unforeseen disbursements do arise they shall be confirmed to you before any further work is done. 


It should be noted that it is unusual for any matter to take less than 15 minutes, and it is unlikely that my fees are less than £60.00.


I can usually give a fixed quotation once I have seen the documents.  If you require a quote before visiting our office, you can use the following ways to send and show me the documents:-

  • You can send me a scan or image of your documents by Mobile Text or by using the Whatsapp mobile phone app.  My mobile number is 07956129709.

  • You can send me a scan or image of your documents by emailing me at:

Please note that common formats used to email or message documents are jpeg, Giff, Tiff, Raw Images or PDF format.  If you are using any other format, please contact me prior to sending me any documents online.  


Please note that the rates shown are used for guidance only and are not binding.

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